Romantic English Homes

Romantic English Homes

Robert O'Byrne

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Romantic English Homes is an inspirational collection of truly timeless houses.

Romantic English Homes features a collection of some of England's most glorious homes, including a rural farmhouse set in a quietly picturesque village and a fourteenth-century folly. Large or small, old or new, they all convey an impression of massed objects intentionally mingling styles and tastes, the classical placed next to the gothic, tartan pattern competing with floral print.

Decorated with defiant eclecticism, the buildings featured here indicate that although the Empire may have gone, the English love of collecting remains as strong as ever. Criss-crossing the country, from Dorset, Devon and Cornwall to East Anglia and Suffolk, from London to Staffordshire and Northumberland, it is both the romantic timelessness of these properties and their many-layered appearance that makes them so alluring.