Understanding Your Dog

Understanding Your Dog

David Alderton

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How to interpret what your dog is really telling you

Understanding Your Dog will teach you everything you need to know about how to communicate with your dog!

What is the difference between a bark and a growl? A whine and a whimper? What is your dog conveying to you — and, most importantly, are you listening? Understanding Your Dog has all the answers, from choosing the right breed for you to dealing with troublesome behaviour such as chasing cars, jumping up and fighting. With this essential guide, full of colourful photographs, dog facts and practical tips, you'll discover how to form a lifelong bond with your canine friend.

Companionship and loyalty are part of every dog's appeal. Our canine friends are constantly trying to communicate their thoughts and desires – but sometimes we just don't understand. By learning to listen and by deciphering body language, we can make our homes happier and healthier places for our dogs. With chapters covering everything from understanding your dog's intuitive powers to the helpful A-Z section examining canine behaviour, Understanding Your Dog is an essential companion to help you develop a clear understanding of your dog's needs.