Festivals: A Survival Guide

Festivals: A Survival Guide

Jo Hoare

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Cope with everything: tents, toilets, torrential rain, too much booze, and more

This illustrated guide is packed with hilarious advice, making it a must have for any festival goer looking to experience a weekend you'll never forget.

Whether it's getting a ticket (often considerably harder than it sounds) or picking the perfect spot to pitch a tent, Jo hoard will talk you through everything you need to know about a weekend of music, mates and mayhem. Providing insider tips gained from years of festival going, learn what to do when you lose all your friends and why it's never a good idea to put together a strict timetable of bands you want to see.

There's information on the festival characters to befriend and the ones to avoid - nobody likes to be woken at 6.30am by a group of hippies starting up an impromptu drum circle outside your tent. The practical advice offered also includes how to plan your day, use social media to discover where the secret gigs are, fool-proof ways to smuggle booze past security guards, and why only a fool would wear a playsuit when having to use a festival toilet.