Falafel Forever

Falafel Forever

Dunja Gulin

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Nutritious and tasty recipes for fried, baked, raw, vegan and more!

Learn how to make best-ever falafel with tips and tricks and this creative collection of recipes.

Falafel are an ancient Middle Eastern food originally made with broad beans or chickpeas, which are crushed and mixed with herbs and spices and moulded into patties. The rest of the world have since caught on to the delights of falafel, and chickpea patties have steadily been becoming the darlings of vegans and vegetarians, picnic goers, festival food trucks and supermarket delis since the early 2000s. It's not hard to see why: quick, easy and inexpensive for home-cooks to make, as well as nutritious and fairly low in fat. 

Do you like your falafel baked or fried? With a wide selection of flavour-packed recipes for each, you're bound to find your favourite! Raw recipes are included for healthier lunchboxes and there are recipes for curries, casseroles, burgers and salads, demonstrating delicious dishes for full falafel meals. Dunja Gulin has also included a selection of dips and sauces which will perfectly complement your patties.