Wine Lover’s Kitchen

Wine Lover’s Kitchen

Fiona Beckett

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Delicious recipes for cooking with wine

Fiona Beckett presents over 70 recipes for cooking with wine – the magic ingredient.

Throughout this amazingly informative book, food writer Fiona Beckett shows you how cooking with wine is an easy way to make meals special. From delicious appetizers to hearty home-cooked meals, each dish includes a recommended wine match to ensure every meal will be a perfect marriage of food and wine.

Starting with soups, salads and appetizers, there are recipes such as Warm Scallop Salad with Crispy Pancetta and Parsnip Crisps, then try delicious recipes with pasta and grains, such as Slow-cooked Ragu or Red Wine Spaghetti with Olives, Garlic and Anchovy. Fish and seafood recipes include Moules Marinières with Muscadet and Fine Wine Fish Pie, while meat and chicken lovers can enjoy a classic Coq Au Vin or a delicious Duck Casserole with Red Wine, Cinnamon and Olives. Try some of the delicious vegetable recipes or discover how to use wine in desserts and baking, and don't miss Fiona's top 10 tips for cooking with wine.