The Pocket Book of Cocktails

The Pocket Book of Cocktails

Ryland Peters & Small

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Over 150 classic and contemporary recipes

From timeless classics to cool and current, you'll find cocktails for every season and mood.

Featuring six chapters each showcasing a single spirit, you'll find the perfect cool cocktail to suit your mood. If you're planning a party and and want some simple recipes on hand for when cocktail hour hits, then look no further than this handy pocket sized cocktail book.

Discover the versatility of vodka with a timeless Vodka Martini or kick-start your evening with a Moscow Mule. Sample some of the Gin cocktails that never go out of fashion, including the Negroni and the Tom Collins. If you love whiskey cocktails, the Manhattan slip down nicely or surprise yourself with Blood & Sand. Rum is the cocktail maker's new best friend and is the perfect base for summer cocktails, including a Daiquiri and a Mojito. Brandy's rich smoothness can work wonders with cocktails such as the Stinger or Sidecar, while a Brandy Alexander is an ideal after-dinner drink for those with a sweet tooth. Finally, tequila's legendary quality as a good-time drink can be put to perfect use in a Margarita or a Tequila Sunrise.