Oh Boris!

Oh Boris!

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The man, the hair, the gaffes

Robust, rotund and ready for anything, Boris Johnson has blustered, bungled and brokered his way to become one of the world's most recognizable political figures.

From his early days as a journalist through to his years as the Mayor of London and now his position as British Prime Minister, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has made it his trademark to insult, appall, and entertain in equal measures. Never far from his latest gaffe—be it writing offensive limericks about world leaders, or dangling helplessly from zip wires—Boris, aka the Teflon toff, has an innate ability to weather even the most severe political storm. 

Loved and loathed in equal measures, no matter what you think about the man you can't deny that he gets people talking. Through a series of hilarious images, games, captions and quotations Oh Boris! delves deep into some of BoJo's biggest gaffes, examining who he is, where he came from and who he's annoyed on his journey to the top. And of course, it wouldn't be a book on Boris without some thorough analysis of THAT haircut.