100 Ways with Eggs

100 Ways with Eggs

Ryland Peters & Small

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Boiled, baked, fried, scrambled and more!



With the rise in popularity of high-protein diets and the irresistible ooze of just-cooked egg yolk, there's no doubt about it; we love eggs!

Learn how to boil, poach, fry, scramble, coddle and bake the perfect eggs, as well as a few classic skills for separating and whisking yolks and whites (including rescuing that pesky broken egg shell from your mixture!), for making mayonnaise and preserving eggs in pickles or liquors. Then try out some egg-cellent recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

With everything from hen's egg brunches, duck egg salads or miniature baked quails' eggs canapés to egg-based desserts and fresh egg-white cocktails, there's something here for every egg lover to cook and enjoy!