Party Food to Share by Kathy Kordalis

Party Food to Share

Kathy Kordalis

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Small bites, platters & boards

Relaxed party food recipes that you can whip up after work or during a busy weekend.

Kathy Kordalis offers inspired ideas for creating perfect platters to share at home, whether you are serving brunch, lunch, dinner, nibbles with drinks or a feast for a crowd. Within each sharing menu there are lists of things to buy in (such as fresh vegetable produce, bread, cured meats and cheeses) dishes that require simple preparation (salads and pickles), plus make ahead party food and exciting dishes to cook. 

The book is arranged into simple seasonal menus, from squash, chard and beet dishes in the autumn, to young vegetables and tangy dips in the spring. Winter is a time for comfort food at its finest – serve spiced tomato soup with cheese scones, a good old-fashioned beef stroganoff and chilli chocolate mousse in espresso cups. Then head outdoors for summer parties with fun barbecue sharing platters, seafood and dazzling dessert stations for al fresco fun.