Easy One-Pot

Easy One-Pot

Ryland Peters & Small

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An array of wonderfully simple recipes inspired by cuisine from all around the world.

Do you want to eat filling and delicious food but struggle to find the time to cook? If you want great home-cooked meals with minimum washing-up—and need to keep to a budget—this book is for you. Full of easy recipes designed for people with busy lives who still want to eat freshly cooked, tasty meals, Easy One-Pot is the ultimate cookbook for professionals, parents and hobbyists.

From hearty soups, substantial salads and quick frittatas to spicy stir-fries, exotic rice bowls and delicious dishes that can be baked in one tray. Casseroles and stews are the ultimate one-pot meals and perfect for when you have a little longer to cook, and to finish, try the clever one-pot desserts.