Fleece Fantastic

Fleece Fantastic

Rachel Henderson

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35 cute, cozy, and quick projects to make and give

Soft, luxurious, and fantastically versatile, fleece is a joy to work with. It doesn’t fall apart easily, needs no edge hemming, and comes in a range of bright colors and contemporary patterns. Rachel Henderson shows you 35 ways to use this wonderful fabric to make fashion accessories for both adults and children, as well as beautiful homeware and toys. Projects include hats, gloves, scarves, and bags as well as throws, pillows, coasters, and placemats, among many other items. Each project is easy to make and beautifully illustrated with super-simple step-by-step instructions and artworks. Rachel also adds her own creative touches to each of the 35 projects, including appliqué, pompoms, and embroidery, and explains alternative ways of working with fleece, such as weaving. Cute dino mittens, a woven rug, a tote bag, or a ruffled scarf—they all add up to a fabulous collection of makes to keep or give.