The Easy Kitchen: Preserves & Pickles

The Easy Kitchen: Preserves & Pickles

Ryland Peters & Small

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Simple recipes for delicious food every day

There’s something about homemade preserves – they just always taste so much better than mass-marketed brands. Flavours and combinations on offer here range from popular classics to the more adventurous. Traditionally, in times of abundance it made perfect sense to preserve food for use in times less plentiful, thus jam-making and pickling have long been an essential part of the culinary calendar. In these times of thrift and austerity this traditional skill is enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity. Featuring chapters on Jams & Jellies; Marmalades & Curds; Sweet Preserves; Savoury Preserves; and Pickles & Relishes plus invaluable tips for successful preserving, sterilizing and storage – this is the perfect book for anyone wanting to take their first steps in the art of home preserving.