The Everything You Need To Know About Diabetes Cookbook

The Everything You Need To Know About Diabetes Cookbook

Dr Karin M Hehenberger

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Expert advice for living with diabetes, plus 70 recipes complete with nutritional breakdown.

Whether you are living with diabetes, or supporting someone who is, this book is a brilliant guide to help you through some of the key challenges you may face, including that all important diet and meal plan. Dr Karin Hehenberger first helps you to understand the causes and effects of diabetes so you can live a full, active and long life. She then offers strategies and advice on everyday situations, from dining out and travelling, to exercise and weight loss, including some of her own experiences of living with diabetes.

With 70 quick and easy recipes to help you eat a healthy and balanced, but most importantly tasty diet; this is your go-to cookbook for diabetes friendly food. You will have breakfast, lunch and dinner covered, as well as finding vegan and vegetarian options and even delicious desserts.