The French Inspired Home by Carolyn Westbrook

The French-Inspired Home

Carolyn Westbrook

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Learn how to master the art of creating simple, elegant and chic French interiors.

Carolyn Westbrook is a designer and decorator whose love affair with French styling began long before she ever travelled to France. Growing up in the US, her Southern heritage was infused with French influences – from the chic elegance of New Orleans to the romance of southern plantation houses. Carolyn's subsequent journeys to France have only fuelled her passion for French interiors and have influenced her designs and interiors ever since.

Carolyn Westbrook prides herself on these classic and timeless French-inspired interiors and rather than reflecting the latest trends, she hopes they inspire longevity and a true romance with your own home. The French have mastered the art of this time-worn, yet sophisticated, style of living, and you too will fall in love with the colours, the textures and the inspiration that is truly French.