The New Homesteader by Bella and Nick Ivins

The New Homesteader

Bella Ivins & Nick Ivins

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How to create a self-sufficient home farm, grow your own produce and raise livestock

How to create a self-sufficient home farm, grow your own produce and raise livestock.

The New Homesteader provides all the knowledge necessary for anyone thinking of embracing a self-sustaining lifestyle and starting their own homestead or urban farm – or even just tending their own plot to provide fresh ingredients throughout the year.

Nick and Bella Ivins discuss designing and planning a plot then move on to choosing and planting fruit and vegetable crops. They explain how to plant and tend an orchard as well as how to raise livestock, including bees, chickens and other small poultry and rearing lambs and pigs. Discover how to make any additional outside space productive by planting a wildflower meadow, a small woodland and even a nuttery.

Take a closer look at the places at the heart of a successful homestead - the barn, the woodyard, the workshop and the store, where summer produce is stored to keep the homestead going during the lean winter months. Finally, Nick and Bella move on to the hub of the homestead, the backdrop for day-to-day farm life. The farmhouse kitchen is the place where produce is preserved, bread is baked and dairy products are produced. test