Wine and Food by Jane Parkinson

Wine & Food

Jane Parkinson

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International Wine Communicator of the Year (IWSC) Jane Parkinson presents an informative guide that gives you the lowdown on wine and how to make the most of it.

Wine & Food offers a fresh look at the global wine scene with detailed information on more than 20 grapes and styles. From understanding storing and pouring wine, to what food to serve it with, Jane teaches you exactly how to pick the right wine every time. The way we buy wine, serve it, enjoy it and match it with food has changed enormously in the last decade, so start with Jane's expert tips on glasses, equipment, storage, temperature and trends on the current scene.

Jane's taste and flavour notes on red, white, rosé, fizz, fortified and dessert wines—from Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Port to Chardonnay, Sherry and Champagne—help you to decide which style is best for you. Each grape or style is broken down by flavour and identified with a visual key to help you recognise at a glance the profile of a wine and select food to enjoy it with. Then learn how pair wine with food, with sections on meat, fish, veg, spice, sauce and cheese.