5 Pasta Recipes You Can Make at Home

Making a delicious meal when you only have a couple of staple ingredients in your kitchen can be a fun challenge. These quick and easy pasta recipes use only a few key ingredients but are rich in flavour. Why not try one tonight?

1. Crab, Chilli and Lemon Pasta

This recipe is one of Laura Santini's most popular recipes because it is light, clean, fresh and super tasty. Try it here.

2. Tuna, Rocket and Harissa Pasta

This recipe only takes a couple of minutes to put together and tastes delicious. You can also make this recipe with drained hot brown rice instead of pasta.

3. One Pot Pasta with Chilli & Tomatoes

If you grow any of your own fruit or veg, you will know that you can often find yourself with mountains of the stuff, so why not use it on tasty meals you can make with your harvest bounty? Try this recipe here.

4. Quick Ragu

This ragu from Pasta Perfect is Laura Santini's grandmother’s recipe and is about as easy and tasty as it gets. Loaded with umami, the seared meat and concentrated tomato purée/paste, enhanced by the wine and garlic, combine to create a ragù to die for.

5. Asparagus & Peas Spring Pasta

This lovely dish is all about Spring, in fact Italians call this combination, Primavera. It’s also a perfect pre-run dish for everyone who has taken up running – full of carbs to keep you fueled and lovely green veg!


These delicious recipes are from Pasta Perfect by Laura Santini. To get more great blog posts like this one - direct to your inbox – be sure to sign up to our mailing list here.