Kidz Corner

Rainbow Glitter Slime

Rainbow Glitter Slime

Kids have gone crazy for slime, they can’t get enough of it! Here’s a safe and easy-to-follow recipe from the brand new Super Slime! This amazing slime uses Transparent Slime as a base with lots of different coloured glitters to create a beautiful rainbow effect.
Origami Jumbo Jet

Origami Jumbo Jet

Here's a fun, taster project from the new My First Origami Book, taking the classic paper aeroplane up a notch!
Lovely Ladybugs

Lovely Ladybugs

Keep your children creative this summer with Emma Hardy's painted loveliness of ladybugs - they're great fun and make for adorable DIY bedroom decoration.
kids in the kitchen

Oven Baked Herby Burgers

Get your kids in the kitchen with this healthy burger recipe with step-by-step instructions so that children as young as five will enjoy cooking it as well as eating it!
make your own zoo

School Holidays at the Zoo!

Make your own party of penguins using just your household recycling and a bit of creativity and imagination! A great kid's craft project for half term.
Boredom Busters

Egg Hunt Treasure Map

One of our favourite things about Easter (aside from the four day weekend and copious amounts of chocolate!) is a good, old Easter egg hunt. But t...
loom band bracelet

Love Loom Bands?

All you need are some colourful bands, a hook and a clip, (and the instructions in this blog!) and you can make your very own funky loom band bracelet.