5 Vegetarian Recipes Everyone Will Love

Whether you're celebrating National Vegetarian week or just want to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, these five delicious vegetarian recipes are perfect for everyone.  

Magical Self-Care

1. Spring Equinox Bowl

Hearty grains and roasted carrots meet vibrant herbs and crunchy peppery radishes for a bowl that feels like the transition into spring. At this time of year we’re craving freshness, but still need the grounding cosiness of roasted vegetables and some chewy farro/emmer. Try this recipe from Magical Self-Care for Everyday Life by Leah Vanderveldt.

2. Veggie Halloumi Souvlaki with Harissa

This delicious meat-free souvlaki recipe is from Share by Theo A. Michaels. The secret to cooking halloumi is, ironically, to treat it like a steak: bring it to room temperature before cooking, sear it under a high heat and stop cooking as soon as the outside has a nice crisp edge. Cooking halloumi over a low heat just dries it out, and there’s no pleasure at all to be had in eating that. Feel free to improvise and use whatever vegetables you like or happen to have.

3. Little Spinach and Feta Pastries

Host your very own Arabian night and take your senses on a journey to remember. Feast your eyes – and then your tummies – on these mouth-watering offerings, which bring the colours, smells and tastes of this magical part of the world to life. This recipe from Big Night In by Katherine Bebo will provide you with plenty of pastries to feast on for days.

The Plant Kitchen

4. Tex-Mex Vegan Tacos

This vegan dish from The Plant Kitchen is a riot of colour, flavours and textures. You could fill the tacos before you serve them, or just lay it all out so that everyone can dive in and fill their own.

5. Samphire Tart with Brown Butter Dressing

Samphire has a sweet, salty taste that balances well with chillies, shallots and nutty butter. If you can't find samphire, this recipe will work well with asparagus but you'll need to add a good sprinkle of sea salt. This tart recipe from Vegetables by Mat Follas is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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