Meat-free dishes for National Vegetarian Week

Whether National Vegetarian Week has inspired you to go totally meat-free, or you're just looking to cut back a little, here are some of our favourite veggie dishes to enjoy with friends in the sunshine.

Apple & Kale Salad

 The sweetness of an apple and the super savouriness of kale and Parmesan are what make this salad from Home Bird marvellous! You could replace the asparagus with something like French beans or just more broccoli, experiment with whatever is around.


Tofu and Rice Hummus

It’s so easy to blend these simple ingredients into a creamy hummus-like dip, and it can be used in variety of ways: as a healthy snack with raw veggie sticks or crackers, as a topping for pizza, or like here, as an open sandwich spread. This recipe from Totally Tofu will easily become your go-to.


Tandoor Vegetable Skewers

Vegetables on skewers can sometimes be disappointing, as the cooking heat is generally not high enough to really char the vegetables before drying them out – we’ve all been depressed by shrivelled mushrooms on a skewer... However, this technique from Skewered uses a combination of searing coals and brushing the vegetables with a spiced ghee baste to keep things juicy.


Ember-roasted Corn with Cayenne Butter


Cooking cobs of corn in their husks directly on the coals gives them a wonderful smokiness and, let’s face it, it’s a pretty cool way to serve them too. Add a smear of my salty cayenne butter for a little spicy kick. This simple recipe from Share is also great for campfire cooking – just throw the cobs in when the flames have died down.


Leek, Pea and Halloumi Quinotto

A quinotto is simply a risotto-style dish but made using quinoa instead of Arborio or risotto rice. This refreshing, spring recipe from Modern Vegetarian Instant Pot® Cookbook combines leeks, peas and herbs with slices of salty halloumi cheese.


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