Blackberry and Blueberry Açai Bowl

As a food, açai pulp from the tribal Amazon belt is often blended with the starchy root vegetable manioc and eaten as porridge. The taste is often described as reminiscent of wild berries and chocolate. The addition of it in powdered form in a smoothie and blended with fresh berries results in a healthy and delicious breakfast. This açai bowl from Surf-side Eating is the perfect way to start your day.


200 ml coconut water

2 ripe bananas (if you have a Nutribullet, you could put them chopped into the freezer and add them straight from there for a creamier texture)

100 g frozen blueberries

50 g frozen blackberries

1 tablespoon açai powder

1 tablespoon oats, gluten free if you wish, to make it a bit thicker and creamier (optional)

To Serve:

100 g blueberries

50 g blackberries

1 dragon fruit, cleaned and sliced

50 g  kiwiberries or 1 whole kiwi, cleaned and sliced

1 tablespoon slivered pistachios

a few sprigs of mint

Serves 4 in small bowls


Blend the coconut water, bananas, frozen berries and açai powder together in a blender until smooth.

Stand for a few minutes to thicken. Spoon into 4 small serving bowls. Arrange the fresh fruit, pistachios and mint on top and serve.

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