Chorizo and Padrón Skewers

A tasty skewer recipe with just two ingredients, how good is that? This recipe from Skewered a wonderful taste of Spain, and is epic in its simplicity and flavour. Padrón peppers are seasonal, but because of their increasing popularity they are becoming easier to obtain (I initially struggled to get hold of them, but when I put out an emergency S.O.S. on social media, a friend told me about someone growing them less than a mile away from my home!). Although traditionally, pan-fried in olive oil until charred and sprinkled with salt flakes, they work beautifully cooked over embers too. If you can’t get the padrón for whatever reason, feel free to substitute with sweet mini peppers.

Feeds 2

Recommended heat: 

Moderate heat embers


6 padrón peppers

½ a horseshoe chorizo, about 200 g or similar (it should be fully-cured and ready to eat, i.e. not cooking chorizo)

sea salt flakes

crusty bread, to serve

Choose Your Skewer:

flat metal skewers


Set your grill up for moderate heat grilling.

Slice the chorizo into 1-cm thick slices. Load up the skewers, alternating between whole peppers and slices of chorizo.

Grill for a few minutes before turning, and then turn every couple of minutes until the peppers and chorizo are slightly charred, the overall cooking time should be 7–8 minutes.

As the chorizo warms up it will start to drip its oil on the coals causing flare ups, so take care.

Serve with a sprinkle of sea salt flakes and a few chunks of crusty bread, and maybe even a glass of Spanish Rioja to wash it down.

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