Santa's Vegan S'mores

This version of the American campfire classic makes a great sharing dessert for the festive feasting table, using the simplicity of a tray bake for an easy, stress-free crowd-pleaser! The recipe can be prepped in advance and the toppings can be added then grilled just before serving, so that it’s warm and gooey.

Vegan Christmas FeastsPhotography by Clare Winfield


For the biscuit base/crust

120 g/4 ½ oz. vegan digestive or oatie biscuits/graham crackers

120 g/4 ½ oz. vegan rich tea biscuits/cookies (such as McVities Tasties)

140 g/5 oz. vegan block margarine such as Stork, melted

3 tablespoons golden syrup

Large pinch of salt


For the chocolate filling

240 ml/1 cup unsweetened soy or other vegan milk

200 g/7 oz. dairy-free dark chocolate, approximately 70% cocoa, roughly chopped

60 g/2 oz. coconut oil, melted

2 tablespoons maple or agave syrup

Large pinch sea salt



2 vegan digestive biscuits/graham crackers, broken into rough pieces

90 g/generous 3 oz. vegan marshmallows, such as Naked or Freedom Mallows

12 cherries, pitted and halved (preferably fresh but can substitute jarred), or substitute raspberries

25 g/generous ¾ oz. roughly chopped pistachios


deep baking sheet approximately 30 x 20 cm/12 x 8 inches, lined with greaseproof paper (trimmed to fit) 

Makes approximately 12–16 pieces



To make the base/crust, blitz the biscuits/crackers in a food processor to make a crumb. Place in a large bowl with the remaining ingredients and mix well. The mixture should clump together when pressed. Put the mixture into the baking sheet and press down very firmly making an even layer using your fingers or the back of a spoon. Place the baking sheet in the fridge to set for 20–30 minutes.

To make the chocolate filling, heat the milk in a small pan over a low heat until almost boiling or heat in a bowl in the microwave. Add the chocolate and set aside for 5 minutes until the chocolate has almost completely melted. Stir in the melted coconut oil, syrup and salt with wooden spoon.

Using an electric or hand held mixer, whisk the chocolate filling to make a fluffy texture. Spread over the biscuit base/crust and return to the fridge to set for 20–30 minutes. You can freeze this dessert at this stage and then defrost and add the final toppings when ready to serve.

When ready to serve, top the tray bake with a scatter of marshmallows and the other toppings. Place under a hot grill/broiler for one or two minutes until the mallows start to brown and become gooey. Cut into squares and place on a platter and serve.


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