Cocktails for a Bottomless Brunch

Enjoy a bottomless brunch in the comfort of your own home with this delicious collection of irresistible cocktails!


Rosé Spritzer with Rose Tea Buds

Bottomless Brunch

Rose water has been used to add a distinctive fl avour to drinks for centuries. A little goes a long way and, when combined with the rose tea buds, the subtle fl avour and fragrance make this a magical drink.


1 x 750-ml/25-oz. bottle of light, crisp rosé wine

A large pinch of edible dried rose petals or rose tea buds (approx. 18 buds)

A dash of rosewater

500 ml/2 cups club soda or sparkling water

Ice cubes



Place a couple of ice cubes in each glass. Half-fill with rosé wine, top with 2–3 rose tea buds, a dash of rose water and top with a little soda water/club soda.


Just Peachy Punch

Bottomless Brunch

A pale pink Provençal rosé, peach purée and French brandy enjoy a ménage à trois here with delicious results.


4 ripe peaches, stoned/pitted and cut into wedges

75 ml/2½ oz. French brandy

75 ml/2½ oz. peach schnapps

1 x 750-ml/25-oz. bottle of light, crisp rosé, well chilled

375 ml/1½ cups bottled French peach juice/nectar or purée (see note)

1–1½ litres/4–6 cups Indian tonic water, well-chilled

Peach slices and fresh basil sprigs, to garnish

Ice cubes



Put the peaches in a large jug/pitcher, pour over the brandy and schnapps and leave to marinate for a few hours.

When ready to serve, pour the wine into the jug/pitcher along with the peach juice/nectar and add plenty of ice cubes. Stir and top up to taste with tonic. Pour into ice-cube-filled tumblers, garnish each serving with a peach slice and a sprig of basil and serve at once.

NOTE: If you can’t find bottled peach juice or purée, blend about 6 stoned/pitted ripe peaches (to yield 375 ml/1½ cups of juice) and pass the purée through a sieve/strainer to remove any fibre or lumps. Taste and sweeten to taste if necessary with a little sugar syrup before using. It will depend on the ripeness of the peaches used.


Watermelon Fizzy Punch

Bottomless Brunch

This drink has a natural sweetness, but the addition of cucumber and lime keeps it tasting fresh. For an alcohol-free option, just add soda water or sparkling water instead of cava.


1 small watermelon (approx. 800 g/1 lb. 12 oz.), cut into chunks, skin and seeds removed

3 small cucumbers, 1 chopped for the juice and 2 thinly sliced lengthways

1 small bunch of mint, reserving some leaves to garnish

1 pink grapefruit, ½ for juice and ½ sliced into 6 rounds

3 limes, 1 sliced in rounds and 2 juiced

30 ml/2 tablespoons light agave syrup

1 x 750-ml/25-oz. bottle of medium cava

Ice cubes



Put the chopped watermelon, one chopped cucumber and the mint leaves in a blender and blend together. Strain through a sieve/strainer into a jug/pitcher.

Put one slice each of grapefruit, lime and cucumber into each glass. Place the remaining sliced ingredients in the jug/pitcher and add the grapefruit juice, lime juice and agave syrup. Mix well. Top the pitcher and/or glasses with ice. Fill the pitcher with the cava and top with extra mint. Pour into tumblers to serve.


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