Cranberry and Orange Sparkler

This is the ideal companion to a festive brunch party. It’s light, refreshing and if you use an Italian Rosé Vino Frizzante, it will be a little lower in alcohol than a Prosecco or Champagne-based cocktail, so perfect for drinking before midday!



10 ml Cointreau (orange-flavoured liqueur)

40 ml well-chilled cranberry juice

75–100 ml well-chilled lightly sparkling rosé wine

orange zest twist and/or fresh cranberries, to garnish

serves 1


Pour the Cointreau and cranberry juice into a flute glass and slowly top up with the chilled sparkling rosé wine.

Garnish with an orange zest twist and/or a few fresh cranberries on a cocktail stick. Serve at once.

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