Recipes for Veganuary 2024

Here are three recipes from our new, plant-based cookbooks to make your Veganuary a little tastier!

Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

This breakfast sandwich from Vegan Snacks has got creamy elements and enough tang from harissa and barbecue sauce to keep it interesting.


Portabellini Mushrooms with Cannellini Beans & Lemon Tahini Dressing

Portabellini mushrooms have a really lovely, deliciously savoury flavour and are well worth seeking out, but at a pinch, you could use brown chestnut mushrooms as an alternative if you can’t get hold of them. Try this recipe from Vegan One-Pan.


Sticky Mocha Squares

After eating a similar dessert to this one at a neighbour’s house, Dunja Gulin was inspired to create a vegan version for her book, Vegan Baking. You can also use half semolina and half unbleached flour, but the grainy texture is what makes these squares so interesting.


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