The Best Recipes for Pancake Day

Whether you're craving sweet or savoury, these pancake recipes will satisfy all your weekend brunch dreams, or even make a delicious stack for when Pancake Day rolls around!

1. Pancake Stack with Maple Whipped Butter

The batter for these classic American pancakes from Eggs All Day makes platefuls of light and fluffy pancakes from just one egg. Served with lashings of maple syrup and whipped maple butter, this is an indulgent yet cheap breakfast.


2. Mushroom, Bacon and Onion Pancakes

Starting your weekend with a proper breakfast or a late brunch always feels like a treat. These small, fluffy pancakes from Lazy Day Brunches – flavoured with mushrooms, bacon and onion – make a great savoury all-in-one brunch dish to enjoy.


3. Gluten-free Apple Pancakes

These sweet pancakes from Modern Pancakes are super-easy to make and will be loved by everyone, not just your gluten-free guests. The combination of the nuttiness of the buckwheat, the tartness of the apple and the mellow sweetness of maple syrup is a winner! 


4. Banana Pancake Love Letters

These crispy fried banana-filled pancakes drizzled with condensed milk and dusted with spiced sugar, from Theo's Family Kitchen, are a popular street-food snack throughout South-east Asia, and never fail to satisfy.


5. Porridge & Nut Butter Pancakes

Leftover porridge bulks out this batter and makes for a delicious pancake, giving it a more robust, yet still fluffy texture. For this recipe from Megan Davies' Fridge Raid, you can use a mix of nut butters, whether it be almond, peanut, cashew or even Nutella!


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