Veganuary: 5 Delicious Recipes to Inspire You

So you’re giving Veganuary a go this year — congratulations!  Eating just one vegan meal a day can help make positive changes to your health and to the health of the environment. Here are some of our favourite plant-based recipes for you to try this month.


Vegan Sweet Toasts

First-time Vegan

Breakfast is one of the more easily adaptable categories for vegans, with fresh fruit, oats and toast all lending themselves to natural and delicious plant-based options - rather than a set recipe, here's some breakfast topping inspiration.


Wake-me-up Porridge

Vegan Recipes to Enhance your Yoga Life

This warming and stimulating porridge is nutrient-packed with the help of superfoods maca and chia. It feeds and balances the solar plexus chakra, with the slow-release carbohydrates from the oats keeping you satisfied throughout the morning.


Stuffed Squash with Leeks, Lentils & Pomegranate

The Flexitarian Cookbook

Roasting the squash in its skin gives the whole vegetable such a fabulous texture and the skin is unbelievably good to eat! Serve it with a rocket salad.


Tex-Mex Vegan Tacos

The Plant Kitchen

This dish is a riot of colour, flavours and textures. You could fill the tacos before you serve them, or just lay it all out so that everyone can dive in and fill their own.


Vegan Toad-in-the-Hole

Vegan Mock Meat Revolution

This plant-based version of the comfort food classic is exactly what you need on a chilly January evening. Keep in mind that it's best to stick to the instructions and measurements as closely as possible so you can achieve that Yorkshire Pudding flavour and super-fluffy texture.


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