A ritual guide to the days of the week

Bring a little magic into your home every day of the week with this ritual guide from Cerridwen Greenleaf’s new book The Magical Home. She’ll tell you why Friday night is the best for date night, or why you’re better off scheduling that presentation at work for a Wednesday and how you can choose your own crystals, coloured candles and incenses for rituals that will enhance your week…


Sunday is the day for healing and vitality, as well as creativity and new hope. It is a day of confidence and success. This is the day that is ruled by the sun, so it corresponds to fire and to the sun sign, Leo. The colors for this day are gold, orange, and yellow, and the sacred stones are also in those colors: amber, citrine, carnelian, and topaz. Sunday’s herbs and incense are cloves, cedar, chamomile, frankincense, amber, sunflower, and heliotrope.



Monday, or “Moon Day,” is a dreamy day for intuition, beauty, women’s rituals, and your home. Monday is associated with the element of water and the sign of Cancer. The colors are shiny silvers, pearl, pale rose, white, and lavender, which are reflective like the moon. The gems and stones are similar: moonstone, pearl, quartz crystal, fluorite, and aquamarine. The herbs and incense are night-blooming jasmine, myrtle, moonwort, vervain, white rose, poppy, and camphor.





Tuesday is the day for action, ruled by mighty Mars. Now you can seek your passion, surge toward your goals, find your destiny, and be strong and courageous. It is time for high energy in your career, for physical activity and sports, for aggression in meetings and negotiations, and for strong sexuality. Both fire and water come into play, and the astrological assignations are Aries and Scorpio. Red is the day’s color, and the gems and crystals are ruby, garnet, carnelian, bloodstone, and pink tourmaline. Incense and herbs for Mars’s Day are red roses, pine, carnation, nettle, patchouli, pepper, and garlic.








Wednesday, or “Odin’s Day,” is when the planets of communication, Mercury and Chiron, rule. This is the optimum time for writing, public speaking, intellectual pursuits, memory, and all other forms of communication. It is also a day to recognize your karmic duties through astrology and your Chiron sign, an important asteroid placement in your chart. Through introspection, try to find your “sacred wound” and heal it so it does not hold you back in life, trapping you in old patterns and relationships. The element for Wednesday is earth and the sign is Virgo. Colors for this mercurial day are light blue, gray, green, orange, and yellow. The crystals are sodalite, moss agate, opal, and aventurine. The herbs and incense are cinnamon, periwinkle, dill, sweet pea, cinquefoil, and ferns.


Thursday is the day for business, politics, legal matters, bargaining, good fortune, and material and fiscal wealth. In other words, it is money day! The elements that come into play are water and fire, and Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is the ruler. Pisces and Sagittarius share this planet as ruler. The colors are blue, purple, and turquoise. As you might expect, the crystals are turquoise, sapphire, amethyst, and lapis lazuli, so favored by the Egyptians. The herbs and incense for the day are saffron, cedar, nutmeg, pine, oak, and cinnamon.


Friday is doubtless everybody’s favorite day of the week, as it is ruled by Freya, the Nordic Venus, goddess of love. Friday is all about beauty, love, sex, fertility, friendships, and partnerships, the arts, harmony, and music, and bringing the new into your life—new energy, new people, new projects. Air and earth are the elements, and Libra and Taurus the astrological signs. Pale green and deep green, cyan blue, pink, and violet are the colors, and the crystals are emerald, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, jade, malachite, and peridot. The herbs and incense for Friday are apple, lily, birch, verbena, ivy, rose, and sage.


Saturday is ruled by Saturn and connects the elements of air, fire, water, and earth. It is a time for protection, discipline, duty, binding, family, manifestation, and completion. The signs are Capricorn and Aquarius, with their colors of black, brown, and deepest blue, and Saturday’s crystals are amethyst, smoky quartz, jet, black onyx, obsidian, and darkest garnet. The incense, plants, and herbs for this day are ivy, oak, myrrh, deadly nightshade, mandrake, hemlock, and wolfsbane. (Many Saturn herbs are poisonous, so do exercise caution when using them.)






























This blog is from The Magical Home by Ceridwen Greenleaf