Awaken the Imagination: Age of Aquarius Spell

The Spring Equinox, or Ostara, is a Sabbat for awakening and emerging, and it's the perfect time to finally shake off those winter blues. Here's a quick spell from Cerridwen Greenleaf's brand new 5-Minute Magic for Modern Wiccans - the essential spell book for busy witches - that'll spark inspiration and re-awaken your imagination after the cold, restless months.


5 Minute Magic 

Gather together:

  • 1 green candle
  • 1 yellow candle
  • an amethyst crystal
  • a green apple
  • a small pine branch


At one hour before midnight, place the two candles on your altar. Next to them, place the crystal, apple, and pine branch.


At 11:11 pm, hold the apple in the palm of your right hand and speak the following spell while circling the candlelit altar clockwise four times:


Sun and moon, awaken me tonight
With the power of Earth and Air, Fire and Water.
As I bite this fruit of knowledge, I am inspired.
All possibilities are before me. And so it is.


Eat the apple, then bury the seeds in your garden or in a potted plant. You will walk on a path new with promise of anything you can imagine. Keep the crystal and pine on your altar for as long as you wish and they will spark inspiration every time you see them.



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