Breath of the Gods Incense

Burn this incense blend on your altar this Beltane to generate a positive and peaceful atmosphere and set the stage for your rituals. Rose hips and mint are for heart, enthusiasm, and keen thinking, and the yellow candle, rose, and citrine crystal symbolise intelligence and mental clarity.


5-minute Magic


Gather together:

    1 tablespoon dried rose hips

    1 teaspoon fresh or dried mint

    A charcoal cake for burning incense

    A fireproof clay or glass dish

    A yellow candle

    Neroli essential oil

    A yellow rose bud

    1 cup (240ml) of fresh water in a bowl

    A citrine crystal


      Using your mortar and pestle, grind together the rose hips and the mint. Once they are nicely mixed, place the herbs on a piece of charcoal in a fireproof clay or glass dish.


      Light a yellow candle anointed with neroli oil and place a single yellow rose in a vase to one side of the incense burner. On the other side, place the bowl of water with the citrine crystal in it.


      Light the incense and breathe in. The word “inspire” comes from the Greek word for “breath of the gods,” so allow this divine essence to fill you with grace.


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