Breathing Heart: Calm stress and reset

The heart is deeply intelligent. It has its own nervous system and is constantly exchanging information with the brain. The heart also has an ability to feel. For example, we can feel nourishing feelings of love or painful feelings of heartbreak and loss.

Since the heart and brain are constantly communicating, when we soothe our heart through this meditation we will also soothe our brain. You can find the audio guide here.



I connect to my heartbeat and breathe purely for a sense of relaxation. I experience my energy rise, and feel my insides sparkle.


1. Be completely relaxed. You can practice this anywhere, alone or in the presence of others, eyes open or closed, sitting, standing, or walking.

2. Bring the whole of your awareness to your heart. Imagine that your breath is flowing in through the heart and flowing out through the heart. Breathe more slowly, deeply, and expansively than before. Allow a few moments or minutes.

3. Think of an uplifting feeling or emotion that you have for someone or something. For example: love, appreciation, kindness, passion, happiness, joy, or something else that makes you feel really good. As you continue breathing through the heart, bring to mind that emotion and observe how it feels within your heart as you think about it. Spend as long as you wish here.

4. Now imagine sending that feeling out into the world, radiating a beam of love and light energy out to others and also back into your own heart. Use whatever imagery that comes to mind. Feel the energy and the power, and experience the impact this has on your heart.

5. Continue to carry this experience with you into the rest of your day.

Be receptive—Namaste.


This meditation is from Meditations for a Powerful You by Clare Connolly. To get more great blog posts like this one - direct to your inbox – be sure to sign up to our mailing list here.