Cleansing Your Crystals

Crystals absorb energy from their surroundings, and also from anyone, or anything, that has touched them. Over time, they can lose their sparkle, brightness, and even colour; they may also feel sticky to touch. When you see these changes in your crystals, you know that it's time to cleanse them to refresh their natural energies. Here are some of the many ways to cleanse your crystals before you work with them. With all of these methods, your intention is key. As you cleanse your crystals, focus on the task in hand, and in your mind ask that all old or negative energies be released.



Most crystals can simply be washed under running water with intent -  focus your mind on effective cleansing as you hold the crystal under water for a few minutes. Holding a crystal under a fresh running stream is ideal, but running tap water is just fine, too. If your crystal is water soluble, such as halite, use one of the alternative methods to cleanse it of stale energy.


Crystal Tips and Cures



Leave the crystal in sunlight, although beware that quartz crystals, especially crystal balls, will focus the Sun's rays and can be a fire risk.



Place the crystal where it will be lit by the Moon, especially a full or new Moon. A waxing moon symbolizes a phase of increasing energy, whereas a waning moon is linked with declining energy, so will not cleanse your crystal effectively.


Crystal Tips and Cures



Light a smudge stick that contains sage over the crystal-sage is traditionally used in Native American cleansing rituals. Waft the cleansing smoke over the crystal-traditionally, this is done with a feather. Then safely extinguish the smudge stick after use. If you extinguish it in a pot of sand, it's easy to relight and use again.



Bury your crystal in the Earth when the Moon is full and unearth it at the time of a new Moon.



Place the crystal on an amethyst bed or quartz cluster, or inside a geode.


Crystal Tips and Cures



To clear crystals of any unhelpful vibrations, sounds created by chanting, drumming, Tibetan bells or cymbals (known as tingsha) are effective.



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