Creating a Magical Home

When we set up our space to be a reflection of what makes us feel safe, joyful, and peaceful, it helps us access our authentic core self. Being connected to that core is vital for magic and manifesting what you want for yourself. A witchy home can help you come home to yourself, allowing you to feel fully comfortable in your body and spirit.

Creating a magical home (and by home, I mean anything from your bedroom if you have roommates, to an entire house—whatever space you call your own) is very subjective and will look different for everyone. But to get you started, here are some basics on how to set up a space that feels functional, positive, and supportive to you and your life.

Cleanse and clear

The biggest issue with a lot of our spaces is the stuck, stale feeling that accumulates along with all of our stuff. The quickest way to banish this feeling is to get rid of the clutter. You don’t need a rigorous protocol—go at your own pace, room by room, or category by category—and donate, recycle, or give away anything that you don’t use regularly or simply hate looking at. Designate a place for everything you decide to keep.

Often just finding baskets and boxes to contain objects that are usually kept out can create a sense of calm and order. All objects should have a home within your home.

Do a clean-out each season just before the solstice or equinox, shedding what you don’t need and making space for what’s to come. Not only will this clearing make your home look and feel more serene, but it will energetically open your home up for more of what you’re calling in. You’re showing the universe that you’re ready for change and willing to take action toward your own well-being.

Smoke Cleansing

To clear energetic clutter, try smoke cleansing. You can burn sticks of wood such as Palo Santo, or herbs such as rosemary or sage. Some herbs like white sage and palo santo are overharvested, so many ready-made bundles aren’t the best for the environment or the plant. If you want to buy these, make sure that they are ethically harvested or wildcrafted. Mountain Rose Herbs is a great resource for this.

Cleanse your space as often as you feel is necessary. Energy from bad moods and stress can linger in our spaces—a combination of smoke and fresh air can help us reset.

Sage: For purification, longevity, protection, wisdom, clean slate, neutralizing, and clearing all energy.

Palo Santo: For positivity, spiritual protection, purification, healing, creativity, smoothing and balancing energy.

Rosemary: For clarity, mental fortification, purification, healing, protection.

Juniper: For protection, love, health.

Sweetgrass: For calling in good spirits, healing, peace, spirituality.

Mugwort: For strength, psychic connection, healing, protection.

Thyme: For health, healing, love, courage.

Lavender: For peace, sleep, protection, purification, love, happiness.

How to choose: You can either pick which properties resonate with you or just go on scent alone. The smell will be filling your home, so it’s an important factor. Take whichever scent you’re drawn to as a sign that you’re meant to work with it.


This excerpt is from Magical Self-Care for Everyday Life by Leah Vanderveldt. To get more great blog posts like this one - direct to your inbox – be sure to sign up to our mailing list here