Create a Meditation Space

We can use feng shui principles to create a meditation space to support our practice...

Mindful Homes


Dedicate a place

Find a specific location in your home for your meditation space. This can be a dedicated room, corner of a room, or wherever you can carve out a space for yourself. Ideally you will have a meditation cushion there all the time as a visual and spatial cue that reminds you to practice. Be sure to position yourself in the commanding position, or correct your view with a small mirror. This will support your practice tremendously.

I personally love the combination of a zafu (a small round meditation cushion) on top of a zabuton (large square meditation pad). The circle represents heaven and the square earth. It reminds me to connect to both heaven and earth as a human being in all of my life practices. Some people need two or more cushions depending on your body. If you fare better seated in a chair, you can get a thin chair cushion to serve as your meditation seat. The key is to find your meditation spot. You have permission to have your place on this earth and sit with mother earth supporting and holding you.


The colour of the cushions can be chosen based on what you are attracted to, or you can apply Five Element colour theory to assist:

Earth element: yellows, browns, and earthy tones for more stability and nourishment

Metal element: whites and grays for clarity and joy

Water element: blacks and midnight blues for wisdom and intuition

Wood element: blues, teals, and greens for growth and healing

Fire element: reds and fiery oranges for vitality and inspiration


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