DIY Happy Home Spray

This blend from Natural Cures and Remedies smells wonderful, almost like you’re walking through an orchard in full bloom. The aroma is fresh, fortifying, fruity, and floral. Neroli is excellent for calm and reducing anxiety, lemon refreshes and uplifts, while tangerine sends sadness away, and quickly. Spritz this happy home spray in shared space, such as the living room, and in your bedroom for optimal rest and restoration. You can also very lightly spritz it on linens and towels.


You'll need:

60 ml distilled water

6 drops neroli essential oil

6 drops lemon essential oil

6 drops tangerine essential oil


Fill a 60-ml spray bottle with the distilled water, leaving room at the top for the oils. Add in the essential oils and then seal the lid tightly. Shake vigorously and it’s ready for use.


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