Mandala meditation for your base chakra

Try this simple meditation to help invigorate your base chakra and awaken your Kundalini energy and use the beautiful mandala to help focus your practice…


Chakra techniques teach us how to purify and invigorate Kundalini, the energy centre at the bottom of the spine, at the base chakra. The purpose of raising Kundalini energy is enlightenment, when you become fully integrated. There are seven principal chakra points along the spine, and hundreds of minor ones, constituting a network of subtle energy channels. Energizing the chakras is believed to help the Kundalini on its journey from the base of the spine up towards the crown of the head.


 Mandalas and Meditations


1. Lie on your back and breathe deeply and slowly. With every in-breath, concentrate on the energy gathering around the base chakra. Imagine the energy as a warm red glow.

2. Breathe in and feel the energy quicken and climb upwards, into the second chakra, at your navel. Focus on the orange glow of energy in your belly.

3. Draw up the energy on your in-breath till you feel a bright yellow energy emanating from your solar plexus, under where the ribs meet.

4. Breathe the energy into your heart area. Become aware of an intense green glow there, pulsating with love.

5. Breathe into your throat area, until you feel a deep blue energy full of everything you want to express.

6. Breathe in the energy up to your third eye. See a violet light arising from the clarity of your vision.

7. Draw the energy up to your vertex, where the pulsating white light of a thousand-petalled lotus links your energy body with the energy of the universe.



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