Manifestation Vision Boards

Making your own manifestation vision board is one of the most powerful and positive things you can do. By sticking words and images on a large board that represent the things you want to achieve, you can visualize what you want and focus on it every day. Your unconscious mind will then concentrate on positive outcomes.

Cut out pictures of your dream home, your perfect vacation, pet, or car! You may want to include pictures that represent finding love such as hearts and happy couples together. Or perhaps you have family and friends or work colleagues you want to include in your future vision. You can stick anything you want on your manifestation board. Words are just as powerful as pictures to illustrate what you are hoping for. 

Manifest your Everything


EXERCISE: How to Make Your Manifestation Vision Board 

It is easy to create your own manifestation vision board. You will need some magazines, pictures, and photos, a computer and printer, a pair of scissors, some sticky tack or glue, and a piece of Ainsi-D (A1) white cardstock or a large pinboard.


  1. Cut out the pictures that inspire you and see yourself with what you’ve chosen to put on your manifestation board. Include photos of places you have imagined going back to or pictures of objects you’d like to have around you. Whatever you want, stick it on your board!


  1. Wake up looking at your board and go to sleep at night looking at it. Take a photo of your board and look at it on your cell phone during the day. The more you focus on your board, the more you can imagine stepping into that moment and being there—however long it takes. See your dreams, feel them, hear them, and step into them as you imagine them becoming reality.


  1. When one or more of your visions become reality, add other things you would like to your board.


  1. When you come from a positive place and ask for what you wish for, the universe will hear you.


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