New Books for a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, a reminder of how important it is for us all to think – and talk – about our own mental and emotional health all year round. Here are some of our upcoming books written to help you deal with stress, navigate loss and realise your full potential.


1. Stay Grounded

by Kristine Pidkameny


Stay Grounded


When things are difficult, journaling can help you process your emotions and find solutions to problems. But sometimes it can be hard to know how to get started and what to write. Stay Grounded offers a guided approach to writing that is suitable for beginners and frequent journalers. With inspiring mantras and quotations throughout, this journal will become a treasured companion through times good and bad.

2. From Grief to Peace

by Heather Stang


From Grief to Peace


Grief is a natural reaction to loss and the mourning process can be a difficult and stressful experience. Time alone does not heal our wounds—it is what we do with our time that matters. But in the wake of devastating loss, how and where do you begin? One way is through grief journaling which can help you record and process your experience of grief. With the support of grief and mindfulness expert Heather Stang, From Grief to Peace offers the writing space, guidance, and freedom to express your feelings without judgment. Mindful journaling prompts, tips, and practices allow you to tap into your natural resilience and find the meaning you need to thrive. In turn you will learn and grow through your grief journey.

3. Blue Mind Mantras

Blue Mind Mantras


The gentle splashing of waves reaching the shore… the shimmering ripples across a lake as a breeze blows over it… the scent of fresh, salty air… Water, and the elements associated with water, whether ocean, lake or even swimming pool, can evoke an immediate sensory response in us—it calms us and soothes us. This beautiful gift book features stunning images of waterside settings accompanied by peaceful inspirations, meditations, and quotations, all designed to promote a mindful mindset.

4. Flourish



Do you feel you are just getting by – surviving rather than thriving? Flourish reveals the secrets of fulfillment with a wealth of advice and practical ways to increase your energy and drive. In the first chapter, Nourish Your Body, learn how to boost your physical health through the pillars of wellbeing: movement, sleep and diet. The second half of the book, Nurture Your Mind, focuses on your mental and emotional health for greater happiness and less stress through self-care, and helps you find out what you really want so you can make the most of your work, discover your life’s purpose, and achieve your goals and dreams.


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