A Quiet Mind Spell

We live in an age of anxiety. But here’s the thing—ancient wisdom is the best way to deal with modern troubles. Try the following tried-and-true rite.


Spells for Peace of Mind


Gather together:

2 blue candles

A palo santo stick and fireproof dish

White paper and a blue pen


Any time you feel the need, light the candles and palo santo and speak aloud the following affirmation spell:


Begone from me, worry and woe!
I have the strength to break free and the wisdom to know.
As I breathe this sacred smoke, my calm will grow.
I call upon my inner guide to help me take it slow.
My serenity and tranquillity will overflow.
With harm to none, blessings to all.


Repeat this spell three times while the candles and palo santo burn. Inhale deeply ten times and then pass the pen and paper through the sweet-smelling smoke of the palo santo. Now, embrace your intuition and trust it with all your heart. Write down what comes into your mind. You may even feel tingling at the top of your head, which is a very good sign. With your soul’s guidance, your inner truth will show you the way through stress-inducing times. Let go of anything that really doesn’t matter to you and your loved ones. Read what you have written down and contemplate it.

Afterward, extinguish the candles and palo santo. Refer to the paper every day for as long as you need. Use the words of wisdom that came through to you as a guide for your life to sustain you through the stress and strain.


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