Self-Care for Busy Mothers

Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming, and presents challenges to your mental health and wellbeing. The powerful techniques in Self-care for Busy Mothers are intended to boost psychological health, help you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood and help you be the mother – and the YOU – that you want to be.


Fab Five

The moment when everyone arrives home after school or after work can be a challenging time, so try implementing the Fab Five:

For the first five minutes when everyone is reunited, the focus is simply on connecting: hugs and kisses, how are yous and I missed yous.

There’s no opening the mail, rushing to make dinner, nagging about homework, checking emails, or tidying the morning mess. There will be time for all that later; for the minutes of the Fab Five, it’s just about reconnecting with the ones you love.


Change It Up

We are creatures of habit—every day we might eat the same breakfast, drive the same way to work, park in the same spot, and walk the same route with the dogs. It’s not that habits are bad (indeed, having some things on auto-pilot frees up space in our head for more complicated activities), but habits can prevent us from engaging with our life with awareness.

Today, see if you can change up a habit—brush your teeth with the opposite hand, sit in a different spot in your meeting, walk a different way to the park. See what you notice when you’re not on auto-pilot.


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