The benefits of using crystal grids

One of the most amazing things about crystal grids is how simple they are. Put some crystals down in a geometric pattern while wishing for your dreams to come true. It’s as simple as that! And crystal grids can help you with anything at all. If you can imagine it, then the right crystal grid can help to make it happen. It may be something personal and very private, something to help everyone in your home, or something shared with friends. It may be a boost for your career or business, whatever it is, solving your problem, enhancing your life, and fulfilling your dreams is just a few stepping stones away.

 Crystal Grids


  • Positivity, a positive feeling to everything you do
  • Personal healing, regaining and maintaining health
  • Cleansing negativity from your environment
  • Focusing your goals
  • Fulfilling your dreams
  • Bringing your ideas into physical form
  • Multiplying your personal power
  • Discovering and growing caring, loving, passionate, sexually fulfilling relationships
  • Help for you, your partner, family, and friends in your home
  • Release of emotional blocks from the past
  • Empowering you when you feel there is nothing you can do in a situation
  • Help in taking your next step in life and moving forward
  • Confidence, improved self-image
  • Improved cognition, focus, memory, peace of mind
  • Clearing the fog in your mind, allowing you to see your ideas clearly
  • Better meditation, deeper meditation, more insightful meditation
  • Reducing anxiety, depression, fear, moodiness, stress
  • Destroying self-doubt
  • Help in regaining control
  • Better time management
  • Boosting spiritual awareness
  • Improved psychic abilities
  • Creating prosperity
  • Ripening new skills
  • Regaining youthful energy and vitality
  • Performing at your peak level
  • Enjoying life more and living your dreams
  • Freedom for yourself and others



  • More sales, customers, clients, patients, and the ones you actually want
  • More profit
  • More openings
  • More creativity
  • Finding the right employees
  • Team building
  • Creating a calm environment
  • Security and safety
  • Removing negativity from your business premises
  • Expanding your business


To learn more about crystal grids and how to make them, check out The Book of Crystal Grids by Philip Permutt.