What are flower essences and how do they work?

Flowers, plants, and trees have been on this earth for a very long time, and will doubtless exist for centuries well after we have gone. For thousands of years they have been used for their healing properties in therapies such as homeopathy and aromatherapy, among others. Many people still confuse essences with essential oils. Aromatherapy is the art and science of using pure essential oils from plants for healing. Essential oils work through the emotional subtle body (a part of the aura) and the brain, where impressions of emotions and memory are retained. These essential oils are distilled or extracted by exerting pressure on fragrant plants, but flower essences are completely different.

Flower essences are generally made by floating flowers of the plant on spring water in a clear glass or crystal bowl in sun or moonlight, while calling upon the plant spirit (or deva) for the plant’s permission and co-operation to use its energy in the essence. When making flower essences for healing purposes, nothing physical is transferred into the solution—the actual essence is the electromagnetic pattern of the flower. Just as there are nutritional elements found in plants that are useful for the health of the physical body, so there are patterns of biomagnetic energies discharged by the flowers on other frequency levels, which are useful for the health of your body’s energy system. These are the life force—the highest frequency—of the plant, a bit like an electrical current. As flower essences are vibrational, they are also affected during their creation by the intention and energy with which they are made. Vibrational essences can also be made from crystals, gemstones, colors, sea and beach creatures, animals, and the energy of stars.

The scope of healing available through flower essences is truly miraculous and ever-expanding. Many essences work on an emotional level. They can encourage the purity of peace and serenity to replace the roller-coaster emotions we often experience in day-to-day living. There are essences that help us to face our fears with courage, rather than running away from them—there are even flowers to loosen old habits, clear depression, and keep us walking on our divine preordained path, no matter what the obstacles.


Flower essences represent a more harmonious way to clear and shift our energy field into higher states of vibrational purity. Many combination essences allow for an even more powerful shift in the energy field. Various imbalances and toxins in the body are ultimately forced out because they are vibrating at lower frequencies—they don’t vibrate at the level of health that flower essences propell us toward. Let’s say, for instance, that I work at an optimum level when I have 240 volts charging through me, but that over a period of years some of my circuits have become worn out from too much work, or have fallen into disrepair because of neglect. Some of the wires have so much dust from lack of care that they lie forgotten and idle, and this affects the total amount of energy I have available.

Over time, and with the support of these wonderful essences, we become adept at activating those parts of ourselves so we will not need the flower essences as much. At first, though, it is best to take a little flower essence frequently, at least twice a day. Only a tiny bit of the flower’s energy is needed to help shift us vibrationally and it starts to work instantly—but do bear in mind that if there have been years of neglect it may take you longer to recognize the changes.


This blog has been extracted from Flower Essences for Well-Being by Barbara Olive.