Your Moon Sign

From the sensitive Cancerians and majestic Leos, to the secretive Scorpios and meticulous Virgos, most of us are well acquainted with our Sun signs and their general characteristics, but these only reflect one aspect of our personalities. Studying the rest of the solar system can start to reveal even more about us, and The Moon symbolizes our emotional, instinctive selves and early family life. Here's a quick look at what your Moon sign says about you - if you don't already know your Moon sign you can find out with a quick online search and your date, time and place of birth.

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Moon in Aries

As the first sign of the zodiac and ruled by the action planet Mars, being “top” is what Aries does best. This Moon symbolizes the pioneering nature, the need to lead—and excel. Aries rules the self, and psychologically this is a young and “self”-ish, “me first” Moon. The self-esteem pendulum swings from an egotistical sense of personal entitlement to a deeply ingrained and powerful self-belief. When the balance is found and the Aries fire is channeled into true autonomy, the full power of this Moon’s awesome single-mindedness comes into its own.

In a nutshell: efficient, impatient, assured.


Moon in Taurus

With the Moon’s 28-day cycle and connection to women, conception, and nurturing, it makes symbolic sense to find that she is exalted in the fixed and fertile earth sign of Taurus. Here, all the lunar sensitivity and changeability is held, contained, and nourished. Individuals with this Moon often have strong family roots and a deep connection with one or both parents.

In a nutshell: sensual, secure, down-to-earth.


Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Mercury’s masculine sign bestows liveliness and quickness, often expressed by a childlike or impish quality, a sense of fun, and slapstick humour. Being big kids themselves, they have a natural understanding of children and how to enter into a child’s world. Look, too, for the Gemini duality. The duality may show in early upbringing, such as two homes or two sets of parents. This is also one of the archetypes of the womanizer or the person who leads a double life.

In a nutshell: curious, adaptable, mischievous.

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Moon in Cancer

The Moon is at home in Cancer, sign of family, parenting, and homemaking. Cancer’s concerns of procreation and protection dovetail with the lunar qualities of nurturing, caring, and containing. However, this does not mean that all Cancer-Moon people automatically have an easy or secure start in life. Either early home life can be an emotional idyll, or there is some story of an overly sheltered upbringing or a wounding relationship with one or both parents.

In a nutshell: clannish, encouraging, sympathetic.


Moon in Leo

Every Leo Moon needs its adoring public and special attention. If you are in a relationship with a Leo-Moon person, you can get away with anything, as long as you spoil them and worship the ground on which they walk. The moment they feel as if they are no longer Top Cat, the relationship usually withers and dies.They believe wholeheartedly in their own abilities and, as a result, tend toward bossiness. They loathe being ridiculed and the knee-jerk response to any embarrassment is to stand on their dignity.

In a nutshell: commanding, affectionate, organized.


Moon in Virgo

The Moon in Mercury’s feminine sign is more complicated than it seems. Early stories include parents who set impossibly high standards, working parents who never had enough time for their children, and children never feeling good enough or having to win love through achievements. Often they battle with the ingrained belief that they are unlovable, when in fact it was their parents who were unloving. They may be overly fastidious and fretful but, when happy, they are delightful, witty, and deeply insightful, and when you are in need, they are the first to come to the rescue.

In a nutshell: vulnerable, meticulous, observant.

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Moon in Libra

The Moon in the Venus-ruled sign of the Scales learns about relating from a very early age. Good parenting teaches equality and sharing skills in a home environment that is safe and harmonious, enabling the child to enter adult life with emotional maturity and healthy self-esteem.  Libra’s link to beauty and fashion is also important, and these individuals need to feel relaxed in their home or office and happy with their looks, clothes, and accessories.

In a nutshell: unassertive, peaceable, adaptable.


Moon in Scorpio

Note that Mars thrives in Scorpio where the Moon is at her most vulnerable. Then throw in the fact that Scorpio is also co-ruled by all-or-nothing Pluto, planet of power, sex, death, and rebirth, and you begin to have a taste of what Moon-in-Scorpio people are up against. These Moon people absolutely have to find their own power or, in return, they can abuse or self-destruct. Often this means rebellion or flying in the face of convention in order to embark upon the healing journey.

In a nutshell: wounded, resilient, transformational.


Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon in Jupiter’s masculine sign is immediately friendly. With a natural clownish streak, they are hugely entertaining company and can break the ice at the most stilted of occasions. Truth is a big issue for this Moon but, unlike the Sun Sagittarian, they do not always pursue it at the cost of all else. The knee-jerk reaction of steering clear of anything “heavy” can make them shy away from deep truths about themselves, their partners, or their upbringing. Emigrating, periods of living abroad, or, especially for the men, living with a foreign partner are also common stories for this Moon.

In a nutshell: engaging, spirited, unbiased.


Moon in Capricorn

Note that any Moon-Saturn combination is tricky, as signaled by their conflicting signs of dignity and detriment:

✦         The Moon is dignified in Cancer, Saturn’s sign of detriment.

✦         The Moon is in detriment in Capricorn, Saturn’s sign of dignity.

It is not always easy to connect with the real person behind this Moon. On the surface, they are charm personified, and they listen intently. It is only when the conversation is over that you realize that they have volunteered virtually nothing personal. Feelings are markedly compartmentalized and some doors remain firmly closed and locked, even to themselves.

In a nutshell: private, honorable, self-reliant.

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Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in Saturn’s masculine sign, with innovative Uranus as co-ruler, is a mixed bag. The Saturn type is objective and sometimes distant. The Uranus type is more avant-garde, with progressive ideas about relationships. Both types are not sure whether they should have feelings at all. They tend to over-rationalize or minimize their emotional needs and, consequently, those of others. In spite of Aquarius being the sign of groups, these individuals often struggle with shyness and feeling different.

In a nutshell: brisk, brilliant, humane.


Moon in Pisces

All the water signs operate on their feelings, but the Moon in Jupiter’s feminine sign is possibly the most sensitive combination of all. These individuals are easily wounded, and often there is a difficult start in life connected to themes of suffering, sacrifice, or loss. Co-ruled by Neptune, god of the boundless seas, these Moon people in fact need firm and clear boundaries. Without them, life is painful and characterized by escapism. At best, there is pronounced artistic talent, generosity, and a phenomenal ability to empathize.

In a nutshell: receptive, impressionable, kind.


To learn more about the Moon signs and understanding your birth chart, check out 'Be Your Own Astrologer'  by Joanna Watters.