5 Ways to use texture in your home

Whatever interior style you prefer, you can create dynamic homes and interiors full of life, by adding a little texture to your rooms. Here are 5 ways you can use texture to create your desired vibe in your home.

1. Keep it Cosy

An easy way to make any room feel cosy and welcoming is to add texture with fabrics. It could be a colourful wall hanging on a bare wall, a patterned throw over a bed, or even as simple as a pile of fresh tea-towels in the kitchen.


2. Go Industrial

If you're a fan of the industrial trend, find texture in the stripped back elements of your home. Features of the building such as exposed brickwork or piping don't need to be covered over and can add layers of texture to a room.

urban pioneer

3. Keep it Natural

Another simple way to add texture into your home is bring the natural textures from the outside, in. One of the best materials for displaying natural texture is wood. It comes in so many colours and grains that you know every piece will be unique. It's also extremely versatile so you can use it to compliment your own style, whether that is a country-style kitchen, a quirky coffee table or even just a striking log pile for the fire.


urban pioneer

4. Rustic vibes

Adding lots of texture to your home is a great way to give it that rustic feel. Natural textures will achieve this, but you can also use paint to create beautiful distressed pieces of furniture. The layers of paint showing through on this chest of drawers make it a feature of the room that draws in your attention. You could even use the same effect when painting your walls. Instead of opting for one colour and a smooth finish, try a blend of colours and make your brush strokes a feature of the wall. All these layers and textures allow people to see the love and hard work that has gone into making your home.

In the Mood for Colour

In the Mood for Colour

5. Make it Modern

Don't neglect texture when styling a modern interior. Even if you're not a fan of the rustic look, you can still find materials that provide a modern look and a dynamic feel to a room. Slate and marble are great examples of this. Although they are sleek, smooth and sophisticated they still offer great texture and depth through their range of colours and patterns.


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