A Look Inside: Creative Homes

Anna and I first met in 2016. Working in the same field as an interior stylist and photographer, we shared a very similar aesthetic and were surely destined to meet sooner or later. Just a couple of months later, we collaborated for the very first time and have been working as a team ever since. The projects we have taken on together have been a great adventure, and in the process, we’ve become the best of friends. 


The idea of a book on creative homes first occurred to us a few years back. It seemed a natural progression, as we visit so many interesting, inventive and artistic homes as we crisscross Europe shooting interiors for magazines and commercial clients. We are privileged to spend time in many stunning locations while on photo shoots. However, visiting the talented and varied creatives included in this book in their own homes has been a truly inspiring and meaningful experience for us both. Each home reflects the particular creative endeavours and preoccupations of its inhabitants and gives us an insight into their very different processes, inspirations and ways of life.



The artists, sculptors, designers, textile artists, ceramicists and others featured here generously welcomed us with open arms, and it has been an honour to document their homes and work. We hope our selection of creative homes will inspire readers to look at their own homes with different eyes and to feel a sense of freedom when it comes to decorating.



We are all creative in our own way, and where can we give expression to that innate human impulse to make, to create and to beautify if not at home? There are so many ideas here to enjoy and emulate, whether you are a calm-loving minimalist or someone who revels in dramatic and colourful interiors. We hope you enjoy visiting these creative homes just as much as we did.



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