A Look Inside: Small Spaces, Big Appeal

If there is a single trait shared by people residing happily in small homes, it has to be their resourcefulness. It allows them to organize and maximize even the smallest of nests while instilling charm, comfort and personality and embracing a more sustainable way of life. As the popularity of the Swedish philosophy of lagom (meaning “just the right amount”) demonstrates, there is an art to living with less.


Contentment comes not in amassing things but in being selective about including only the most useful, beautiful and meaningful ones. Though the homes in this book are small, their owners have big dreams, which they have realized by choosing creativity over conformity. They understand that a compact space doesn’t preclude a stylish aesthetic. What matters is the spirit they bring to their rooms and how they incorporate some of their existing possessions while letting go of others.


Small Spaces, Big Appeal captures the luxury of less by showcasing dwellings across a spectrum of styles and locations, all under 1,200 square feet/111 square meters. Each of these unique and imaginative homes offers inspiring interiors, ingenious solutions for compact quarters and stories of happy homeowners who have downsized their living space. Whatever your preferred look—nostalgic or modern, country, coastal or urban, minimalist or maximalist—it can be achieved within a small footprint.


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