Find Your Interior Style - Bathrooms

So you're planning an interior style for your home, but what about the bathroom? Can you really bring your chosen style into such a functional room without having to fork out for a whole new en-suite. The answer is, yes you can!


The Scandinavian Home


Ok, so we're not all lucky enough to live somewhere where the weather is nice enough to have an outdoor shower, but the principals behind it are very Scandi and something you can bring into your own indoor bathroom. Think simplicity and nature. Find some simple accessories with natural colours and textures, such as the wooden stool in this image that almost looks likes driftwood, or the simple white and blue towels to create a feeling of uncluttered calm in your bathroom.


urban pioneer


Just a few simple touches can bring the industrial look into your bathroom. The old school electric lights in this image are not only easy to source, but they won't cost you the earth and won't require any plumbing. Look out for industrial style fixtures such as taps or shower heads, if you want to get a feel for the style without having to redecorate.


Coastal Living


A coastal style bathroom is probably the easiest room to achieve this look without spending a fortune. We love the sky blue bathtub in this picture, but just by adding seaside themed accessories you can easily transform your bathroom into a coastal dream. The jars of shells and pebbles in this picture are a subtle nod to the beach, but you could always go brighter and bolder - think beach huts, stripes and sunshine yellows.


urban pioneer


It's so easy to create your botanical bathroom, just add plants! You don't even need lots of plants to make an impact; against this white background the green fern stands out instantly. Go for tropical plants as they are used to the humidity. If you have plenty of light go for succulents, such as aloe. If you are lacking natural light, go for ferns and air plants.


Perfect English Cottage


Again, you can create a country style bathroom with some simple accessories and fixtures. Even if you don't have a claw-foot bath, like the one in the image, the gold, traditional tap fixtures create the country style feel, coupled with the water jug and distressed wooden cupboard and shelving.


The Scandinavian Home by Niki Brantmark, photography by James Gardiner

Urban Pioneer by Sara Emslie, photography by Benjamin Edwards (plus image 4)

Coastal Living by Henrietta Heald, photograph by Rachel Whiting

Perfect English Cottage by Ros Byam Shaw, photography by Jan Baldwin