Find Your Interior Style - Bedrooms

Still struggling to choose your favourite interior style? Take a look at these bedroom ideas for some home-style inspiration...


The Scandinavian Home


Nothing could be more peaceful and relaxing than a Scandi inspired bedroom. Minimalist and with a calming colour scheme it couldn't be a better atmosphere for long, untroubled sleeps and lazy Sunday lie-ins.


urban pioneer


To go for an industrial style bedroom, also go for minimalist design but think about adding some quirky touches. As it's a bedroom, you still want tit to feel cozy, so instead of raw, stripped back materials, this room has gone for a muted colour palette of greys, whites, blacks and browns. The rope swing and ladder give that fun industrial feel.


Coastal Living


We love the soft yellows in the wood paneling in this coastal bedroom. The matching bedspreads and distressed bedside tables give the feel of a little cottage by the sea.


Botanical Style


A botanical bedroom is a great place to have fun with fabrics. We love the matching cushions and wallpaper in this bedroom, but if you don't want to go all out and start decorating, you could always buy plant themed patterned duvet covers or quilts to add that botanical feel. The upside of this is you can redecorate as quickly as it takes to change the sheets!


Perfect English Cottage


A wrought iron bed frame is a classic way to create the country feel in any bedroom. Finish with plain white sheets and a patterned quilt and you will hit the country cottage vibe, whether you choose to go traditional or more modern.



You can find more interior inspiration for your favourite style in our great interior titles (listed in order):

The Scandinavian Home by Niki Brantmark, photography by James Gardiner

Urban Pioneer by Sara Emslie, photography by Benjamin Edwards

Coastal Living by Henrietta Heald, photograph by Rachel Whiting

Botanical Style by Selina Lake, photography by Rachel Whiting

Perfect English Cottage by Ros Byam Shaw, photography by Jan Baldwin