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Pale and Interesting

Do you ever see interiors that you love struggle to replicate them in your own home? We thought we would help with some interior look-books from a few of the gorgeous shots we have from our interior titles. This week is a vintage style living room from our new title Pale and Interesting…


wooden storage chest

Wooden Storage Chest

Whilst you might struggle to find an exact replica of this great wooden trunk that is being used as a quirky coffee table in this living room, there are plenty of designs and options out there to choose from. We love this reclaimed and recycled teak wood chest from Not only does it look great but it doubles up as extra storage space!


IKEA rug

Vintage Rug

While you could spend a lot of money on a vintage rug like the one in this picture, we think that this much cheaper IKEA version would look just as great!


floral cushions

Vintage Floral Cushions

Cushions are a relatively cheap way to add some style into a living room without having to do any decorating! You can choose from a range of these floral cushions on the Pale and Interesting online store.


standing light 

Standing Light

The metal standing lamp in this room keeps it feeling modern with a touch of the industrial vibe. You can find a gorgeous version of your own on the Pale and Interesting online store.


vintage tin ceiling tiles

Vintage Tin Ceiling Tiles

The urban vibe continues with the tin ceiling tiles that have been used as a wall display. We love this idea and it’s easy to replicate in your own home. You could choose from a whole range of patterns and colours at


If you liked the look, check out Pale & Interesting by Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote, photography by Polly Wreford.